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EMS-GRILTECH at the TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO in Hanover: 14-16 February, 2017 – Hall 2, booth C626 (EMS-GRILTECH)

EMS-GRILTECH presents the latest developments of bonding agents for the treatment of polyester cord used in tyres, conveyor belts, v-belts, hoses, canvas, and other rubber goods. more

EMS-GRILTECH at the CINTE Techtextil China in Shanghai,
12. – 14. October 2016
Hall E7, Booth C23 (EMS-GRILTECH)

We manufacture and sell GRILON, NEXYLON and NEXYLENE fibers and GRILTEX thermoplastic adhesives. We have developed these polymer materials and additives into outstanding specialty products for technically demanding applications. In this way we create added value for our customers who enjoy success in their own markets through continuous improvement. more

Textile Innovations – Grilon Binder Fibers for Functional Textiles (EMS-GRILTECH)

Copolyamide and copolyester resins are ideal raw materials for binder fibers, which are used to strengthen and stabilize nonwovens and yarns. EMS-GRILTECH offers a specialized product portfolio of binder fibers with a melting range of 115°C to 180°C. According to the demand of the application and process, fibers are available with different sizes and cross sections (mono-component or bi-component). more

Nexylon FR – The Flame Retardant Polyamide Fiber (EMS-GRILTECH)

Workwear with a high content of Polyamide fibers have a significant advantage in abrasion resistance and tenacity. With our flame retardant Nexylon FR fiber the fabric can be designed more open and lighter in weight, which ensures high wear comfort. Because durability of the garment is enhanced total clothing costs can be reduced. Nexylon FR has the same tenacity and abrasion resistance like fine count PA fiber used in workwear today. more

EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016 (EMS-GRILTECH)

EMS-GRILTECH presents the latest developments and products at the Techtextil North America and JEC Americas in Atlanta, GA, USA May 3-5, 2016. more