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Grivory XL: Focus on light-weight construction (EMS-GRIVORY)

The new Grivory XL products (XL = Xtra Light) are based on the well-proven partially aromatic polyamide (PA66/PA6l/6X). This is characterised by reduced moisture absorption and material properties which change very little after conditioning. While classic thermoplastic design materials have stiffness values of around 20,000 MPa, the new Grivory XL products can achieve values significantly higher than 35,000 MPa. more


At the 16th SPE Award Night held on July 3, 2015, the Society of Plastics Engineers presented their coveted awards for the most innovative automotive applications using plastic materials in the automotive sector. Three applications using EMS materials were each nominated for one of these prestigious awards, but competition was stiff with a total of more than 40 applications entered. In the run-up to the award ceremony, the jury had announced that all entries were of a very high quality. more

EMS named “Supplier of the Year” by General Motors for the fifth year in succession (EMS-GRIVORY)

The German car maker Opel relies on high-performance polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY for various applications – and has now presented the Swiss supplier with its “Supplier of the Year” award for the fifth time in a row. This recognises the outstanding service provided by the polyamide specialist. more

Significantly increased hydrolysis resistance (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-GRIVORY now offers highly hydrolysis resistant Grivory HT grades. These products are available with 40 and 50% glass-fibre reinforcement for applications in automotive construction, as well as for components in direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. more

Material with all-rounder qualities (EMS-GRIVORY)

Long-fibre reinforced thermoplastic materials are real all-rounders. Due to their excellent property portfolio they are perfectly suited for challenging applications in a variety of fields. more

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