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Logistics made easy (EMS-GRIVORY)

The French composites specialist TRILOGIQ, manufactures the connecting joints for its GRAPHIT logistics storage system of EMS materials. This provides not only weight savings, but also makes the system more flexible and durable. more

Uphill easier (EMS-GRIVORY)

Polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY achieve property combinations which are not possible with conventional compounds: Maximum mechanical properties with minimum weight. The potential of these polyamides can be seen at its best in winter sport applications. more

Strong performance in a hot environment (EMS-GRIVORY)

Currently valid legislation requires that the automotive industry reduce fuel consumption per vehicle. Due to this development, requirements on polymers used in under-the-bonnet applications are steadily increasing. The so-called "downsizing" creates higher temperatures in this area and brings many plastic materials to their performance limits. more

Significantly improved heat ageing resistance (EMS-GRIVORY)

The megatrend of downsizing is continuing in the automotive segment. Engines with smaller cylinder capacity and increasingly effective turbo charging have raised charged-air temperatures to a permanent 210 °C with peaks of 230 °C at pressures of 3.3 bar. In comparison, ten years ago, these temperatures were maximum 200 °C at pressures of around 1.5 bar. With Grilon TSG-W3, the latest addition to the Grilon TSG family, EMS-GRIVORY has introduced a further excellent material, in particular for applications in charged-air systems. more

Grivory XL: Focus on light-weight construction (EMS-GRIVORY)

The new Grivory XL products (XL = Xtra Light) are based on the well-proven partially aromatic polyamide (PA66/PA6l/6X). This is characterised by reduced moisture absorption and material properties which change very little after conditioning. While classic thermoplastic design materials have stiffness values of around 20,000 MPa, the new Grivory XL products can achieve values significantly higher than 35,000 MPa. more

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