Treasury shares below 5%

Treasury shares below 5%


On July 25, 2002 EMS issued a 2% convertible bond maturing July 25, 2008 and with a nominal value of CHF 300 million. The bonds can be converted into EMS-registered shares at any time during the conversion period at a conversion price of CHF 128.20 per registered share.

In order to secure a possible conversion into EMS-registered shares, EMS had bought up to 9,33% (as per April 30, 2007) as treasury shares.

Because of the attractive conversion price and the upcoming dividend which will be paid on August 15, 2007, almost 2/3 of the bond holders have taken the opportunity of a conversion. As per August 6, 2007, a sum of CHF 195,4 million of convertible bonds have been converted into 1'523'869 EMS-registered shares.

Consequently, EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG informs that on August 2, 2007, it reduced its holdings of treasury shares below 5%.