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Outlook 2022

For the second half-year 2022, EMS is expecting a slower global economy. The shortage of semiconductors in the automotive industry will continue. The generally high inflation, pushed by energy prices, will have an increasingly negative effect on overall economic development. Further interest rate increases by central banks will have an additional slowing effect. In China, economic development will be strongly influenced by the extent of any further lockdown measures. A shortage of energy or a military escalation of the Ukraine conflict could have an enormous negative impact on Europe.

In these turbulent times, EMS will continue to follow the proven strategy of concentration on specialties. Focus will be on implementing planned development and expansion projects. Now more than ever, planned research and development projects will be driven ahead and new opportunities appearing in the market will be rapidly made use of. Innovative products and solutions providing customers savings on energy and overall costs will be given primary focus. The investment program announced last year, with more than CHF 300 million to increase capacity at the main production location in Domat/Ems, Switzerland, is being implemented. Other production locations outside of Switzerland are also undergoing major expansion. EMS considers delivery reliability to be top priority.

Despite the currently adverse environment, EMS continues to expect net sales and net operating income (EBIT) for 2022 to be slightly above previous year.