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Outlook 2023

For the business year 2023, EMS is expecting a subdued economy. In particular in the first half-year, economic development may still be very moderate due to the COVID-19 situation in China and the restrained consumer mood in Europe. Geopolitical conflicts, open energy issues and repeated increases in interest rates to counter inflation are having a dampening effect on economic development.

EMS is confident however, about its own course of business in 2023. The successful growth strategy with specialty products in the main area of High Performance Polymers will be continued. Focus will be put on the proven innovation strategy, providing customers with reductions in cost, weight and CO2, for continuing development of new business. The excellent market position will be used to take advantage of current market chances quickly and flexibly.

For 2023 EMS is expecting net sales and net operating income (EBIT) very slightly higher than in the previous year.