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Industry & Consumer goods

Metal and glass replacement for industrial and consumer goods

In the sanitary market our products are used in water meters, water filter housings, filter bowls and pressure-reduction valves. The high performance characteristics of our polymers, for example in coffee machines, fulfil the stringent regulatory requirements for direct contact with drinking water and food. Our products also cover a wide range of application requirements in the construction industry, for pneumatic equipment and in mechanical engineering.

EMS-GRILTECH – Technical fibers and adhesives revolutionise industrial applications

Products from EMS-GRILTECH are used in very different fields of application for industrial and consumer goods. Hot-melt adhesives for example are used in technical and textile bonds for living room and office furniture, in medical diagnostics or in the apparel industry. Separating and adhesive yarns simplify manufacturing processes in the textile industry while technical fibers are processed to make felts in the paper machine industry. EMS-GRILTECH manufactures crosslinkers and additives for solvent-free powder coatings for aluminium and glass building facades, window frames, machinery and radiators as well as garden and household applications made of metal. These coatings are resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. Epoxy systems protect products in civil engineering or are used as intermediate products for the chemical industry.

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