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The materials in this product family are polyamides manufactured on the basis of partially aromatic monomers. They broaden the application spectrum of polyamides into the range of high-temperature thermoplastic materials. The main application areas for Grivory products are in die-cast applications where glass-fiber reinforced grades are used for metal replacement. Non-reinforced Grivory grades are used in the field of cosmetics and for carbonised soft-drinks bottles.


Grilamid PA 12 is a high-performance thermoplastic material, based on laurolactam and tried and proven in numerous high-quality applications for more than 40 years. These include precision injection-moulding, in electronic applications for example, as well as for sanitary fittings, fuel and air brake lines and sheathing for fiber optical wave guides.


Under the trade name Grilon, EMS-GRIVORY offers a wide range of polyamide 6, polyamide 66 and copolyamide grades which have proven their worth in use for many years now. Through modification of these standard grades, EMS-GRIVORY continues to develop new Grilon specialities for demanding technical applications, such as food packaging with high oxygen barrier properties, flame-resistant grades for the electro and electronics segment and many applications in automotive construction.


GreenLine is the designation for a new range of bio-based speciality polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY. GreenLine products are based fully or partially on castor oil derivatives, a completely renewable resource originating from a non-food crop.


EMS-EFTEC Products

Under this brand we offer a wide-variety of product technologies for bonding in car assembly including state-of-the-art polyurethanes, elastomers, acrylates, epoxy and plastisols.


Our coating products for car body protection are primarily plastisols and polyurethane based but we also use acrylate and wax technologies. These products help to protect exposed areas of car bodywork from stone chipping and corrosion.


Sealing materials sold under this product name prevent penetration of moisture, dirt and noise into construction seams and hem flanges. Our sealants are based on plastisols, polyurethanes, elastomers and other thermoplastic materials.


Under this brand we offer a wide-variety of acoustic damping systems based on plastisol, acrylates, dispersions and elastomer which help to improve the acoustic properties of a vehicle. Due to robot-application these products provide a very economical solution.



Thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives for technical and textile bonding applications are marketed under the trade name "Griltex®". These are tailor-made copolyamides and copolyesters. The melting range and melt viscosity can be set over a wide range according to different requirements. Griltex® adhesive products are available in powder or granulate form.


Primid® products are crosslinkers for weathering resistant powder coatings, making environmentally friendly and cost-effective protective finishes possible on metal surfaces.


Grilonit® products are reactive diluents and epoxy-resins for the epoxide industry. They are used in a variety of applications in the field of civil engineering or as chemical intermediates in the chemical industry.


Nexylon® are technical fibers made of PA66 and are mainly used for abrasives.


Nexylene® is a technical staple fiber made of polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and used in hot gas filtration.


Grilbon® products guarantee a good bond between polyester reinforcing fibers and the rubber in tyres, drive belts and conveyor-belts.


Grilon® are technical fibers, yarns and granules for monofilaments based on PA 6, PA 12, PA 610, PA 612, copolyamides and copolyesters.