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Many podium places for EMS-GRIVORY at the 2022 Olympics (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-GRIVORY celebrates success with the Mountain Slope snowboard boot at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Crucial to this resounding success is the unique EMS plastic. Five out of six medal winners in the snowboard parallel slalom wore the boot made by the company from Val Müstair. more

EMS-GRIVORY takes four awards at the SPE Automotive Award Night! (EMS-GRIVORY)

At the 20th SPE Award Night on August 5, 2021 in Dusseldorf/Neuss (Germany), the Society of Plastics Engineers again presented their coveted awards for the most innovative polymer applications in the automotive industry. Four applications using EMS materials received one of these highly prestigious awards. more

EMS makes a major investment in new production facilities (EMS-GRIVORY)

Less than two years ago, a new production line for the manufacture of high-performance polymers started operations at the Domat/Ems (CH) production site, following a construction period of only eight months. This was just the start of a large-scale investment plan. more

Cutting-edge metal replacement (EMS-GRIVORY)

The latest products to have been developed by EMS for metal replacement applications, are Grivory G5V and Grivory HT6. Both products expand the application opportunities for polyamides into higher temperature ranges and enable the cost-efficient production of lightweight components, which until recently could only be achieved with metallic materials. The improved creep resistance of both products allows lower wall thicknesses to be used, allowing cost and weight savings to be achieved - even compared to other metal replacement solutions. more

High gloss metal replacement:
Grivory G7V for a perfect surface finish (EMS-GRIVORY)

Available since 2020, the glass fibre-reinforced Grivory G7V from EMS-GRIVORY combines properties such as increased stiffness and strength, even after moisture absorption, with the chemical resistance of a Grivory GV and the high-quality finish of a low or non-reinforced polyamide. In addition, the new Grivory G7V products exhibit better UV stability than other semi-aromatic polyamides. Grivory G7V was developed for metal replacement applications requiring an exceptional surface finish. The material is a new aliphatic high-performance polyamide with well-balanced properties, which enable cost-efficient production of lightweight components without any additional painting. more

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