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Proud moment: EMS-CHEMIE receives the Swiss Apprenticeship Award

Last Wednesday, the EMS-CHEMIE was able to proudly accept the "National Apprenticeship Award". Christian Fiechter, President of the Hans Huber Foundation, presented EMS CEO Magdalena Martullo with the coveted award during a celebratory event at the EMS-CHEMIE site in Domat/Ems. Jon Domenic Parolini, member of the Grisons government and cantonal minister for education, and Erich Kohler, Mayor of Domat/Ems, expressed their thanks, in particular to the EMS instructors and more than 100 EMS apprentices.


With the "National Apprenticeship Award" the Hans Huber Foundation and the Foundation FH SCHWEIZ annually nominate a nationally active company which carries out exemplary apprenticeship trainings and is committed to long-term, sustainable promotion of the dual training structure with a wide-reaching impact. The EMS-CHEMIE makes a major commitment, not only to the manufacture of future-oriented, innovative speciality polymers, but also to the promotion and focussed training of highly qualified experts for the future, stated Christian Fiechter during his appraisal speech. «There are very few companies which provide such good perspectives and support as here», emphasised Fiechter as he presented the National Apprenticeship Award to EMS CEO Magdalena Martullo.

Ms Martullo's pleasure on receiving this very special award was very apparent. «Our success is dependent on our employees. 75% of all employees have apprenticeship qualifications», stated the successful businesswoman. EMS-CHEMIE, which started training its first apprentice in 1943 and is today the largest company in the Grisons to provide apprentice training, offers apprenticeships in 15 different professions. In this way, many varied capabilities of the youngsters are developed. With its own mobility programme, EMS apprentices can take part during their first year of training in language courses and work experience abroad, before being able to work later at one of the 25 EMS production sites worldwide in an exchange programme. «It is a particularly valuable experience to be able to find one's own way, away from home, independently and in another country», explained the EMS CEO. In her speech, she thanked all those who are active every day in apprentice instruction at EMS, where around 140 EMS apprentices and an additional 100 apprentices from other companies undergo apprenticeship training.

The Grisons minister of education, Jon Domenic Parolini, also expressed his thanks for the educational commitment exhibited by EMS, which is above and beyond pure apprentice training. With holiday events and MINT Camps for primary school children as well as the first Grisons' Science Center EMSORAMA and EMSORAMA Mobile, the fascination for science and technology is installed at an early age. He emphasised that each year, 40 excellently trained young apprentices from EMS-CHEMIE enter the labour force which is of great economic significance for the canton. Local Major, Erich Kohler, judged the attainments of EMS-CHEMIE in apprenticeship training as a "stroke of luck", and stated how proud he is, to have the best Swiss apprentice training company "on his doorstep". This kind of commitment is not to be taken as a matter of course and the community has profited strongly from it over the last decade.

The apprentices hosted the event themselves, providing mysterious drinks from the EMS-Lab-Bar. During the following visit to the EMSORAMA, the guests were able to personally experience natural sciences and technology, experimenting with the new giant marble run "Mungga-Trail", the "Gate Arch" or the "Impulse Catapult" where they were amazed and entertained. In some ways, everyone is still an "apprentice"…!