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Media information: Course of Business of the EMS Group

- Distinct, short-term worsening of the world economy

- Successful new business with innovative specialties

- Higher sales prices due to increased energy and raw material prices

- Unchanged annual outlook for 2022


The EMS Group, with its companies combined in the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG and globally active in the business areas High Performance Polymers and Specialty Chemicals, informed about expected instability in the international market environment, already at the beginning of the year. As instability factors for 2022, EMS identified unresolved conflicts between major powers, inflation with changing monetary policies and further Corona policies in China.

As expected, the 1st quarter of 2022 was characterised by a positive consumer mood and generally high demand. In the 2nd quarter however, the Ukraine conflict caused great uncertainty among consumers and companies in Europe. In addition, massively increased energy costs caused raw material prices to rise sharply once more. In China, rigorous lockdown measures forced customers to put production on hold for a longer time. Delivery problems are straining international supply chains and as foreseen the shortage of semiconductors in the automotive industry is continuing.

Thanks to farsighted planning, EMS is still able to guarantee its own supply reliability even in the current challenging environment. The significantly higher raw material and energy costs made corresponding sales price increases for customers unavoidable. Planned innovative new business was achieved successfully worldwide.

EMS expects the uncertain consumer mood, which is at present greatly affected by current events, to settle down in the second half of the year.

Despite the currently adverse environment, EMS continues to expect net sales and net operating income (EBIT) for 2022, to be slightly above previous year.

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