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Target agreement with Swiss federal government

In 2015 and in collaboration with the EnergyAgency for the private sector (EnAW), EMS entered into a target agreement with Swiss federal government to increase energy efficiency.

In this way, EMS is making a significant contribution towards supporting Swiss government in its aim to make efficient use of available energy, to achieve Switzerland's reduction goals and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Swiss Federal Office for Energy SFOE and the Swiss Federal office for the Environment FOEN audited the target agreement and have determined that it has been drawn up according to the guideline "Target agreements with Swiss federal government to increase energy efficiency".

EMS has committed itself to achieve ambitious energy savings of 1.5% per year as well as an annual reduction in CO2-emissions of around 1% at the Domat/Ems production site by 2022.

Focus here is put on:

  • Process improvements in production
  • Technical modernisation of production plants
  • Training and increasing awareness of employees
  • Buildings and infrastructure

In the last two decades, EMS has reduced specific energy consumption by around 35% and lowered specific CO2-emissions by 90%.

EMS acts in a sustainable and responsible way. The production of people and the environment during production and sales of our high-quality products is a primary concern of the companies of the EMS Group.