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Exhibition "EMS-CHEMIE - an incredible story"

Since its opening at the beginning of 2011, more than 30'000 people have visited the EMS-CHEMIE exhibition and interest remains high. For this reason, EMS-CHEMIE has decided to extend the exhibition.

At the end of January 2011 the imposing exhibition was opened at the production site in Domat/Ems on the occasion of the 75-year anniversary of EMS-CHEMIE. Since then the exhibition has been open free of charge with guided tours for registered groups and more than 30'000 enthusiastic visitors have taken advantage of this offer. Due to the continuing interest shown by companies, clubs, associations, school classes, authorities and other groups from throughout Switzerland, EMS-CHEMIE has decided to extend the exhibition.

This unique exhibition shows in an impressive way for both young and old, experts and lay people, the eventful history of this traditional company located in the Grisons area of the Swiss alps: How did the manufacturer of "Emser Water" (substitute fuel made from waste timber) during the second world war develop into an international company producing high-performance plastics? Around 140 photographs, more than 300 historic documents, requisites and plant components as well as more than 600 examples of products and applications from all periods of the company's history let this exciting episode in Swiss economic history be experienced over an area of 1400 m2!

The exhibition is open to registered groups. Long-serving previous employees act as guides for the groups answering questions and recounting an anecdote or two.

We look forward to your visit!

Images EMS-Exhibition

Grand Opening
Grand Opening
The production site at Domat/Ems in 1920
Werner Oswald
Winter 1941/1942
1940s / 50s
1940s / 50s
Timber mills
Election poster
Election poster
Apprenticeship documents
Daniel Caluori
Fertiliser market
Yarn manufacture around 1960
1960s / 1970s
1951 - 1999
Grilon® fibers
1969: Christoph Blocher
The Blocher family
1960s / 1970s
The "Schanzenbruecke" areal in Zurich
1989: EMS-FAR EASTERN in Taiwan
Laurolactam plant in Japan
Sprengstofffabrik AG (SSF)
TOGO Group (today EMS-EFTEC)
From 1980: Production of speciality plastic materials
Pressure reactor
Polymerisation plant
2010 EFTEC Wuhu (China)
Application Development Centre
2001: Magdalena Martullo
2001: Magdalena Martullo
Magdalena Martullo
Magdalena Martullo
Automotive applications
Automotive applications
Electro and Electronic applications
Applications in the field of consumer goods
Optical applications
Packaging applications
Industry, construction and sanitary applications
Long-serving previous employees act as guides for the groups.
Long-serving previous employees act as guides for the groups.
Examples of applications