New Nordson meltblown spray applicator in Sumter

New Nordson meltblown spray applicator in Sumter


EMS-GRILTECH has purchased and installed a Nordson universal meltblown spray applicator at its Technical Service Lab in Sumter, SC. This applicator allows EMS-GRILTECH to demonstrate hotmelt spray characteristics of Griltex® Copolyester and Copolyamide adhesives.

The 12-inch wide applicator can spray Copolyester and Copolyamide adhesives with a viscosity of up to 900 Pa-s with a minimum coating weight of 5 g/m².

"This investment represents our strong customer support through in-house trials with Griltex® products," said Christian Arnold, Technical Service Manager. "With this equipment, we will be able to demonstrate the use of EMS' Griltex® products via spray application as a viable process."

As a development partner, EMS offers tailor-made products, development of new products, on-site technical service, analytical testing capabilities. This combination equals full service.

For more information or to schedule trials at our facility, please contact us:

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