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Definitive half-year report 2012 of the EMS Group

On July 13, 2012 the EMS Group published its provisional half-year report 2012. The definitive consolidated half-year report is now available based on the individual financial statements of the affiliated companies as at June 30, 2012. The definitive half-year report contains no significant deviations from the provisional report.


The consolidated net sales rose by 4.0% to CHF 904 million (870). This is an increase of 5.6% in local currencies.

The net operating income (EBIT) rose by 6.9% to CHF 167 million (156).

Net financial income amounted to CHF 1 million (2).

Net income for the first half of 2012 amounted to CHF 142 million (129), which is 9.9% above previous year.

Equity increased to CHF 1’194 million (31.12.2011: CHF 1’057 million). The equity ratio is 68.6% (31.12.2011: 64.6%).