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Energetic appearances at the Annual General Meeting of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG

- Large gathering of 1'994 participants and 93.2% of shares entitled to vote

- Powerful soul vocals from the "Voice of Switzerland" winner Nicole Bernegger electrified the audience

- EMS employees presented varied energy-savings throughout the world


The invitation to the Annual General Meeting of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG on August 13, 2022 in Domat/Ems was followed by a large gathering of 1'994 people. A total of 20'412'326 registered shares were represented, corresponding to 93.2% of all shares entitled to vote.

The winner of "The Voice of Switzerland 2013" Nicole Bernegger brought the audience under her spell with her powerful performance. She also sang the song "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder especially for EMS-CEO Magdalena Martullo, who celebrated her birthday today on the date of the Annual General Meeting. The secret of Nicole Bernegger and her band lies in the musical combination of traditional and modern. A clear parallel to EMS!

Further highlights again this year were the innovations using EMS high-performance polymers presented by EMS employees under the motto: "EMS – Energetic saving!" Innovative components made of hard-wearing EMS polymers such as, for example, weather and impact resistant GPS transmitters, which monitor the position of freight containers around the world. Impressive energy and cost savings were also achieved by EMS for a customer in Malaysia who now uses EMS specialty polymers for connecting parts in production lines for the manufacture of rubber gloves – while saving 9 tons of weight transported on each line and with half the energy costs! But EMS specialty polymers are also used in the screening equipment of gravel and cements works worldwide: Screen frames made of EMS high-performance polymers instead of steel are manufactured 10-times faster and with one third of the energy costs.

As is tradition, the finale of the varied and full programme of the Annual General Meeting was again set by the Drum Corps Domat/Ems, wearing historic uniforms and led by Drum Major Leandro Spescha.

The Annual General Meeting approved all proposals from the Board of Directors. Shareholders will receive an ordinary dividend of CHF 16.50 gross and an extraordinary dividend of CHF 4.50 gross for each dividend-bearing share. Payment of dividends will commence on August 18, 2022.

Re-elected as members of the Board of Directors for a further one-year term were Bernhard Merki (Chairman), Magdalena Martullo (Vice President), Dr. Joachim Streu and Christoph Mäder. The BDO AG, Zurich, was elected as statutory auditor and Dr. Robert K. Däppen was confirmed in office for a further one-year term as independent proxy.

In the impressive marquee at the Domat/Ems production site, shareholders were served a tasty three-course lunch menu. 25 chefs from the Compass Group Switzerland with more than 60 helpers from the Männerriege Tamins, the Ladies Gymnastics Club Trin and the Country Women's Association Imboden, were responsible for the preparation of 750 kg veal goulash and 1000 kg Pizokel and 800 Capuns (Grisons specialties). Overall, 1500 lettuces, 70 kg bacon cubes, 500 kg carrots and zucchini as well as 150 kg onions were prepared.

Following the meal, participants were free to visit the very popular exhibition about the history of EMS-CHEMIE* (more than 27,000 visitors to date) as well as the first Grisons Science Center EMSORAMA** (more than 18,000 visitors to date).

* The exhibition "The unbelievable history of EMS-CHEMIE" is open for group visits of 10 or more people per group free of charge following advance registration by email:, or by phone +41 81 632 78 78. Further information can be found at:

** The first Grisons Science Center "EMSORAMA" is open for group visits of 10 or more people per group free of charge following advance registration at or by phone: + 41 81 632 78 78.

Impressions of the Annual General Meeting 2022

High-resolution images can be downloaded via the following link: