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EMS-EFTEC Products

Under this brand we offer a wide-variety of product technologies for bonding in car assembly including state-of-the-art polyurethanes, elastomers, acrylates, epoxy and plastisols.


Our coating products for car body protection are primarily plastisols and polyurethane based but we also use acrylate and wax technologies. These products help to protect exposed areas of car bodywork from stone chipping and corrosion.


Sealing materials sold under this product name prevent penetration of moisture, dirt and noise into construction seams and hem flanges. Our sealants are based on plastisols, polyurethanes, elastomers and other thermoplastic materials.


Under this brand we offer a wide-variety of acoustic damping systems based on plastisol, acrylates, dispersions and elastomer which help to improve the acoustic properties of a vehicle. Due to robot-application these products provide a very economical solution.