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Shareholders' participation

Shareholders’ participation rights are laid down in the Articles of Association of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG.

Voting-rights and representation restrictions

Voting-right restrictions apply solely to nominees. No rules exist governing the granting of exceptions.

A registered shareholder may only be represented at the Annual General Meeting by his/her legal representative, by another shareholder who has voting rights or by the Independent Proxy. Shareholders may also issue powers of attorney or directives to the Independent Proxy electronically. The Independent Proxy is elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of office lasting until the next ordinary Annual General Meeting; re-election is permissible. Shares held by the company do not confer voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and do not bear a dividend.

Statutory quorums

Unless not otherwise provided by law, the General Meeting of Shareholders shall pass resolutions and hold elections on the basis of an absolute majority of the votes cast.

Convocation of the General Meeting of Shareholders

The Ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is convened in accordance with legal requirements and the company’s Articles of Association. It is convened by publication of a single notice in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SHAB) and selected Swiss newspapers, and by written invitations sent to the addresses of the shareholders and beneficiaries entered in the share register. The period of notice is 20 days. Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders are held in the cases prescribed by law and as required.


One or more shareholders representing together 10 % or more of the company’s shares may request that a particular item be added to the agenda. A request to add an item to the agenda must be submitted in writing at least 40 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting, specifying the subject to be discussed and containing the proposed motions.

Inscriptions into the share register

The cut-off date for entering registered shareholders in the share register with regard to participation at the General Meeting of Shareholders is around 10 calendar days before the General Meeting. The cut-off date will in each case be determined by the Board of Directors and is stated in the invitation. Registered shares sold between the cut-off date and the General Meeting of Shareholders do not carry any voting rights. There are no rules governing the granting of exceptions.