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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

1. Our Company

  • We are an independent Swiss corporation with worldwide activities.
  • We are technological leaders and meet the highest quality requirements.
  • Customer-oriented operation ensures that we fulfil the individual requirements of our customers.
  • The prices of our products and services correspond to the high quality standards.


2. Our activities

  • We work in the fields of High Performance Polymers and Specialty Chemicals.
  • In the High Performance Polymer sector we develop, manufacture and market high-performance engineering plastics for demanding technical applications.
  • In the field of Specialty Chemicals, we concentrate on high-quality additives for surface protection and the tyre industry


3. Our objectives

  • Our main task is to achieve above-average profits with unrivalled products and performance.
  • We aim to serve a range of up-market customers in selected countries and market segments.
  • It is our goal to achieve a leading market position worldwide in the selected segments.
  • We want to carry our risks ourselves and finance our growth largely from our own resources.


4. Our policy of care

  • We make all our decisions carefully and take only calculated risks.
  • We strive to maintain a healthy financial position in the interests of our workforce and our shareholders.
  • Our plants guarantee high safety standards for protection of personnel.
  • We concern ourselves with the environment by manufacturing, transporting and using products safely and in an environmentally sound manner and by disposing of waste materials responsibly.
  • We act in a socially responsible way.
  • Our open information policy creates trust in our company.


5. Our employees

  • We value and support our employees and offer them conditions of employment appropriate to the market. Their remuneration is determined according to performance and position.
  • We expect from them top performance, assumption of responsibility, trustworthiness and identification with company goals.
  • From management we expect high quality of leadership and outstanding levels of performance.
  • We will achieve our goals with initiative and co-operation.