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Remuneration, shareholdings and loans

Details about remuneration, participation and loans are given in the Remuneration Report on pages 17 and 18, resp. in the appendix to the annual financial statement of the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG.

Remuneration system, competence and method of determining

The remuneration system for members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management consists, as per the Articles of Association, of a fixed remuneration and a possible variable remuneration component, which are paid out in cash only. EMS has no participation plan. The fixed and any possible variable remuneration component are independent of each other. The variable remuneration component may form a central part of the overall remuneration package. The principle criteria for the variable remuneration component are the achievement of earnings targets and project objectives. The Board of Directors determines the variable remuneration component at its discretion taking target achievement into account.

The remuneration sum is defined by the Board of Directors at the proposal of the Remuneration Committee and after consultation with the CEO. Variable remuneration components are paid in May of the following year. According to the current contracts, members of the Board of Directors only receive a fixed remuneration. In the reporting year, the variable remuneration component of members of Executive Management amounts on average to 32 % of the total remuneration sum (2022/2023: 36 %).

Voting of the Annual General Meeting on remuneration

According to Article 23 of the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors annually requests the Annual General Meeting for approval, for the Board of Directors and Executive Management separately, of the remuneration for the previous business year. Any remuneration already paid is subject to subsequent approval by the Annual General Meeting.

Credit Facilities

As per Article 20 of the Articles of Association, members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management may be granted loans and credit facilities. Such loans and credit facilities must not in aggregate exceed the amount of 50 MCHF, may only be granted on standard market terms and in compliance with the applicable withdrawal rules.

Neither the current nor previous members of the Board of Directors or Executive Management or persons associated to them have received loans or credit facilities.