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Capital structure

Capital/ Authorised and conditional capital in particular

The ordinary share capital of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG amounts to CHF 233 890.28.
No authorized or conditional capital exists.

Changes in capital

Information on capital changes can be found on page 4 (Share Performance), in the financial section on page 22 (Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity) and in note 16 (Share capital) of the 60th Annual Report 2022/2023.

Shares and participation certificates/ Profit sharing certificates

The fully paid share capital is divided into 23 389 028 registered shares with a par value of CHF 0.01 each. All registered shares are entitled to dividends. Each registered share entitles the holder to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. No participation certificates or profit sharing certificates exist.

Limitations on transferability and nominee registrations

On request, purchasers of shares of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG are entered in the share register as voting shareholders without restrictions, provided they expressly declare that the registered shares were acquired in their own name and on their own account.

The Board of Directors may decide to register or reject people whose request for registration does not include an express declaration that they hold the shares on their own account (“Nominees”), and with whom the company has entered into an agreement to this effect, in the register of shareholders with voting rights up to a maximum of 2 % of the share capital entered in the commercial register.

The Articles of Association do not provide for any privileges or restrictions on transferability.

Convertible bonds and warrants/ options

There are no convertible bonds or warrants/ options issued.