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Climate Neutrality

Climate Neutrality

Economic, social and ecological sustainability forms the foundation for EMS' industrial activity. Its business model, with weight-saving system solutions leads to a reduction in annual CO2 emissions of 35,000 tons per year for EMS' customers. 

EMS places great value on the most environmentally compatible and sustainable production possible. In this way, EMS already reduced CO2 emissions at its largest production site worldwide at Domat/Ems (Switzerland) by more than 80% with the start-up of a biomass power station in 2006.

In addition, since 2020, the electricity supply at production and sales locations in Switzerland and Germany is 100% CO2-neutral hydroelectricity. Various other measures have also been taken to further avoid and compensate CO2 emissions. 

EMS has been CO2-neutral at all locations worldwide since 2020.