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EMS-Story as a book

«Success as a Mission - EMS-CHEMIE: The history of an impossible company»

The well-known economic journalist Karl Lüönd describes the unusual and exciting history of the company illustrated with many impressive pictures.

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German edition: ISBN 978-3-7272-1311-3 
French edition: ISBN 978-3-7272-1315-1 
English edition: ISBN 9783-7272-1316-8 

About the contents

A chemical factory in the Swiss Alps? This company has had to reinvent itself four times and three exceptional entrepreneur personalities have shaped EMS: the unyielding founder Werner Oswald, the down-to-earth renovator Christoph Blocher and his daughter Magdalena Martullo, current and far-sighted leader.

The well-known journalist Karl Lüönd tells the dramatic, nearly unbelievable story of this company in a thrilling way and without political binders. For the first time, details of the entrepreneurial career and success of Christoph Blocher are revealed, as well as background information regarding the transfer of the company to the next generation of leaders. Insights into the special company culture, characterised by the consistent will to succeed, are also given.

About the author

After an eventful career as reporter, editor in chief and publisher, Karl Lüönd (born 1945) has written many popular economic history textbooks. He specialises in the linking of company biographies with major economic and historic trends.